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One of the problems with the editor was an ever-growing collection of options. A solution needed to be found to manage them effectively.

The problem: too many options and no place for them

Not a new problem

The problem of managing options isn’t new. One of the most effective solutions is often in mobile applications. This along with looking at flows was part of the extensive exploration work into what a solution could be.

The solution: bring options into the editor gradually.

Ideal state

After several iterations, a prototype was reached and taken to a vision for what could be. This was a little different from what was in the editor today with a full vision of options to scale to.

A gentle start

Whilst the full vision was being worked on, the problem of managing the options wasn’t going away so a middle ground was reached. Using existing interface components, whilst the new ones were built an interim screen was made. After this the full vision was worked on, but it eased the problems faster with this approach.

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