• Speaking

    My background is varied and includes psychology, design, development and user experience. I am passionate about open source and community.

    I have spoken at a lot of different places over the years. I talk and run workshops about a wide range of things including design operations, community, experience, psychology, design, front-end development, Open Source, and WordPress. If you’d like to talk to me about speaking at your conference or running a workshop, please get in touch.

    Slides: You can find my slides here.
    Videos of talking: There are several videos of me talking on WordPress.tv.


    • WordCamp Asia 2024: The Elements of WordPress
    • Repeat panel member on Do The Woo
    • Product focused podcast on Do The Woo network
    • WP Weekly guest in February

    Past talks


    • WCUS: 5ftf
    • WordCamp Germany: Generative Styling.
    • WordCamp Whitley Bay: Using Gutenberg as a Product.


    • WCEU: Growing the WordPress design system
    • Designing remote: WordFest, March (online)


    • Beyond themes: WP Meetup Cheltenham online
    • Woo London meetup online: what does global styles and theme changes mean for WooCommerce?


    • WP Block Talk: Global styles story so far (online).
    • WordCamp Glasgow: Dropped stitches and tangled yarn, a call to simplify WordPress.


    • WordCamp US: Playing games remotely.
    • Joint Futures: Lessons from growing design in the open.
    • WordCamp Brighton: Organising a WordCamp panel.
    • Being Brave: JS for WP conference (online).
    • DesignOps Conference UK: Lessons from growing design in the open.
    • WordCamp Bristol: Thinking in Patterns
    • WordCamp London: Design matters in Open Source
    • The UX Conf, London: The opportunity of Open Source


    • WordCamp USA: Product design through stories
    • WordCamp Manchester: Design matters in Open Source
    • Dibi conference: The user is the casualty of our design process
    • WC Tokyo: Gutenberg design matters: creating open source
    • WordCamp Brighton (England): WordPress future panel
    • WordCamp Boston (USA): The Gutenberg Journey (keynote): slides
    • Learn JS deeply conference (Remote): The experience bridge: slides – video
    • WordCamp Europe (Belgrade, Serbia): Anatomy of a block: Gutenberg design patterns / Q&A workshop: resources and deck – video
    • WordCamp Belfast (Northern Ireland): Building for the stress cases: slides
    • VIP workshop (Napa, USA): Diving into Gutenberg (2 talks)
    • WordCamp London (England): Anatomy of a block: Gutenberg design patterns
    • Cambridge WordPress meetup (England): Diving into Gutenberg
    • January 29th 2018: WP meetup Brighton (England): Diving into Gutenberg


    • Big WP, London (England): Diving into Gutenberg
    • WordCamp US (Nashville, USA): Media Matters [ presented with Mike Schroder ]: slides – video
    • Webdev LDN (London, England): Getting to know Gutenberg
    • WordCamp Milano (Italy): A tale of Gutenberg Usability testing
    • WordCamp Dublin (Southern Ireland): Getting to know Gutenberg
    • WordCamp Torino (Italy): Know your users
    • WP meetup, Montreal (Canada): Know your users
    • WordCamp Bristol (England): People Source
    • WordCamp Bristol (England): Introduction to running a contribution day [ workshop ]
    • UX Scotland, Edinburgh (Scotland): Remote UX, Open Source UX
    • WordCamp Europe (Paris, France): Introduction to the design team [ workshop ]
    • WordCamp Brighton (England): [ workshop ]
    • WordCamp London (England): Know your users


    • WordCamp US (Philadelphia, USA) : Design for humans not robots
    • FrontEndNorth (Sheffield, England) : Design for humans not robots
    • Digital Croydon (Croydon, England): Thinking in patterns
    • Automattic Grand Meetup (annual company retreat):
      Psychology and design [ workshop ]
    • COSCUP 2016 (Taipei, Taiwan) : Designing Inclusive Open Source Communities
    • WordCamp Europe (Vienna, Austria): Emotional Interfaces : video
    • Front Trends (Warsaw, Poland): Pixel Bonding
    • UX in the City Oxford (England): Emotional Interfaces
    • WordCamp London (England): Design Patterns : video
    • WordUp Brighton (England): Get involved in speaking [ workshop ]
    • UXCamp Brighton (England): A tale of user testing themes
    • London Sass (England): Thinking in patterns


    • CSS Conf EU (Berlin, Germany) : Emotion through CSS : video
    • Reasons to be creative: (Brighton, England) Structure for creativity with pattern libraries
    • ThemeConf (Keswick, England):  Thinking in patterns
    • WordCamp Europe (Seville, Spain): Mighty Morphing Design
    • WordCamp London (England): Colour theory and psychology
    • WordCamp Maui (Hawaii): Theme don’t be my everything
    • Brighton WordUp (England): Contributing to WordPress


    • London Sass (England): A tale of Sass in Open Source
    • Brighton WordUp (England): BuddyPress 101
    • WordCamp Toronto (Canada): Level up with theme reviewing
    • WordCamp New York (USA): Get involved in speaking [ workshop ]
    • Montreal (Canada): Get involved in speaking [ workshop ]
    • WP Sessions (Remote): BuddyPress theme development
    • WordCamp Manchester (England): A journey into Underscores
    • WordCamp Hamburg (Germany): The theme is in the details
    • WordCamp Sheffield (England): The theme is in the details
    • WordCamp Miami (USA): Kids workshop getting them started with WordPress [ workshop ]
    • BuddyCamp Miami (USA): BuddyPress theme do and don’ts


    • WordCamp London (England): BuddyPress myth-busting
    • Digital Barnsley (England): Herding Humans
    • WordCamp Europe (Liden, The Netherlands): Life of a theme
    • WordCamp San Francisco (USA): Beyond the default Future of Web Design – Beyond the noise of social networks
    • WordCamp Norway (Olso, Norway): Herding Humans


    • Inspire Conference (Liden, The Netherlands): Designing for humans not robots
    • WordCamp UK (Edinburgh, Scotland): Designing with communities for BuddyPress
    • WordCamp NYC (USA): Express yourself with BuddyPress themes
    • WordCamp Netherlands (Utrecht, The Netherlands): Design for humans with BuddyPress
    • London WordPress meetup (England) – Designing for humans with WordPress

    Conferences Organised

    Along with speaking, I am passionate about creating conferences and helping others speak at them. I have so far been part of the organising team for the following conferences:

    • WordCamp Brighton 2016 (lead organiser) and 2017
    • WordCamp Europe: 2012, 2013 and 2020
    • Brighton BuddyCamp
    • ThemeConf (co-lead organiser)

    I also was a co-organiser of the local Brighton WordUp meetup for a while.

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