I am a product creator, having co-led a new editing experience for WordPress, worked at Automattic, GitBook, startups and agencies.

I bring many decades of experience across diverse industries. I am passionate about creating experiences that matter and which empower people.

I am a collaborator by nature. I believe that products are created together, in collaboration. I am a core contributor and committer to WordPress, believing in collaboration across all disciplines within the product.

WordPress editor (Gutenberg)

Design lead for the the first version of the new editing experience for WordPress. I am also a core committer and worked for 7 years at Automattic.

WordPress had outgrown it’s editor both in technology and experience, the time had come to collectively create a new experience using new technology. We did this over a number of years and released in WordPress 5.0.

After working on the editor I went on to explore further problems such as the space of global styling.


I have joined GitBook to work as a product designer on their documentation application.


During my time at XWP I was the Lead Product designer and established the design practice there. I was also work on enterprise projects particularly bringing in systems using editing experiences and scaling for WordPress.


I was the first designer at Extendify, taking on the role as Head of design to create their initial product offering. This was an exciting opportunity and I still advise them to this day. I worked through from prototype sketch to full experience for the first version.


I also have a wide range of experience as an advisor to startups of various sizes in different spaces including WordPress. I am keen on innovation and opportunities for new business.


I believe strongly in mentoring and have worked with both associate and senior designers to help them grow and identify their next step in journey.

Let’s create something

My experience is vast, from enterprises to startups, with a thread of strong shipping running through. At the heart of everything I do is collaborating to create the best possible experience for those interacting with the product.

If you would like to explore the work I’ve done more please do through my portfolio.

You can download a portfolio deck. Get in touch and I would love to talk about how we can work together.