Contracted to work for XWP working on various Enterprise clients. I also help with hiring and advise on design operation processes as a lead designer. I have grown the design team there, to now be fully global, with a focus on async communication.

I created a Learn Gutenberg course and learning materials that now all Engineering hires follow along with advising around the new editor.

Sample projects

I have got to work on a range of projects in my time at XWP, from a design system for a network of 13 sites, a designer for a hearing technology startup, to advising converting to WordPress a complex design. I also was sponsored to continue my contribution to WordPress as a core committer.

I have also worked on extending the editor and recommending options there.

Working practice

During my time at XWP I have worked on projects in an agile team format. Each having both discovery and retrospective to them. I also have worked on sales and hiring. As part of my time there I have documented the design practice and collaborated on a handbook for design, ensuring that everything we do is written down.

System focused

My passion for design systems continues at XWP both in working on one collaboratively that designers use to build client sites and in creating ones for clients.

Growing a design culture

One of the big things I have focused on whilst at XWP is growing a culture of design. From bringing in design health checks to async feedback weekly sessions and check-ins – the design community is growing. It has doubled in size with my leadership and has also seen a culture of mentorship and feedback thrive.

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