• Research: competitive analysis/market.
  • Collaborating: directly with founder also small team.
  • Leadership: advised on hiring the first designer, ‘shape up’ ideas.
  • Skills: designOps, advisor.

The problem: turning feedback into something to use

Advisor for Upfocus on their user experience direction, creating their design team foundation, practices and supporting as they move to look to the first round of investment.

Initially, I worked on a short contract focusing on user experience and review, this led to collaborating as a long term advisor. As part of the role, I have helped form each product sprint using the ‘shape up’ method with the founder. I also was part of hiring their first design hire and helping grow design as a practice.

Sketching seeds

One of the key roles I have served is to funnel inspiration and sketches during the shaping. This might be to visual draw an idea just enough (not too much), so the designer can form. It also might be competitive analysis and commentary.

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