I am a product creator, practitioner, and mentor passionate about open source.

At the core of my work is the desire to create products, experiences, communities and practices that work, no matter what circumstances. To create a sustainable future, products that empower, connect, enable and support those making them.

I believe in a triage mind and am passionate about thinking about systems and patterns. I have worn many hats, from design lead and operations roles to product delivery and hybrid functions. I’ve also worked across various industries, from product to enterprise.

My focus has remained, though, on creating experiences that get the job done they are intended for and applying just enough process, removing too much.


My background includes software engineering, psychology, design, art and performance. I have experience running workshops worldwide and being a core committer and lead within one of the most significant open-source publishing projects, WordPress.

Among my notable achievements is co-leading as the design lead, the first phase of the Gutenberg release, and the WordPress block editing experience. I have also led projects within theme experience around WordPress and served as a full-time contributor.

My career journey has taken me from working at a startup, Extendify, as their head of design to establishing structure with a leading WordPress-focused agency. Throughout my career, I have embraced various roles, from leadership to contributor, driven by my curiosity about all experience levels.


As I seek my next challenge, I am eager to bring my knowledge and experience to new collaborations. I want to discuss how we can collaborate to create innovative solutions.

I have strong expertise in design, product, and engineering, and I am curious about all of these for my next role. With my work at Press Navigator, I am focusing on supporting others in navigating the new space of WordPress by offering training and collaboration.