Open source

I believe passionately in open source, as a practice and principle.


The following are projects, or areas I have contributed to.


I am currently a core committer and multiple component maintainer for the WordPress project. In the past, I have been a Design Lead for 4 releases (5.0, 5.4, 5.6, 6.3), Core Editor co-Lead for 1 (6.4) and involved in numerous others. I also led a default theme release and supported several others. I was also the Design Lead for the new editing experience phase one, which was called Gutenberg.

I have also servered as a design team rep for a number of years and mentored designers looking to be involved within the project. I was a founder of the theme review team and helped establish their processes.

Ephemeral Themes

This is a project focusing on the new space of themes in WordPress. I provide tutorials and blog posts along with exploring with examples that space.


This site was created to show how far patterns could go as a concept in WordPress. It ended up with contributions to the WordPress community pattern directory and museum of block art.


_s is a base theme for WordPress, I was a committer and active contributor for a number of years. I worked on an experimental fork of this to create a modular theming system for WordPress.


I was an active contributor for a number of years on this project and recently supported their explorations into editor blocks. I worked on a range of areas across a number of years and also wrote a book on theme development for BuddyPress.


I was a theme reviewer for the WordPress project and in my role as a theme wrangler, I worked on a wide range of themes. I also released several of my own during the previous years. Currently, any themes I release can be found on my GitHub page.


Along with contributing to projects, I believe in the work I produce is open source.

Code explorations

You can find all my code and projects under Github.


This photography site has all images I have released on an open license.