Auto updates

One of the great features of WordPress is auto-updating of both the system and themes, plugins. However, this screen and options in general within WordPress was getting rapidly out of control.

The problem: an ageing interface had no more room to accommodate new options

New release, new options – but what about design?

A new release was due with more features for auto-updates. However, the design hadn’t been done for it. The interface had ended up looking far worse, way more complicated and almost unusable.

The ideal state was created, using existing WordPress styling but bringing in a much simpler, cleaner interface to settings.

However, there was an issue the deadline was approaching and time was short. Within a short time, I pivoted to bring the foundations of the ideal into the existing.

The solution: iteration, ship and review

What shipped wasn’t the endpoint, it began conversations that are leading to far more extensive iterations than we even thought possible on this screen. One thing this project showed was that to even change the smallest thing, some major issues needed resolving. However, the experience and clarity was iterated in rapidly and the release was met.

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