A little about me

I am a product designer with a background including software engineering, psychology, art and performance. I have worked the last nearly 7 years at Automattic, as a product designer and also design producer. I have worked on a range of projects.

How it began…

A long while ago I started my journey by wanting to be a psychologist and teach primates to communicate. It’s been quite a journey since then and I now find myself in the middle of my life a product designer working in open source. I couldn’t be happier doing the work I do, I truly believe that open source and remote work are the way forward.

I left art school after taking a change in direction to follow my artist passions, I spent the next few years trying to explore those along with performance poetry. As the internet began to be a thing, I retrained in software engineering and found myself on the path I now follow. It took me through the gaming industry, agencies and then into building up my own company focusing on creating communities. In this, I found the perfect blend of technology, design, psychology, my passion communities and for open source.

My open-source journey began early with Linux and small contributions through the IRC communities. Growing tired of tormenting my own CMS, I was recommended WordPress and started my journey in 2006 as a contributor. Over the years I contributed increasingly to WordPress and BuddyPress, growing and moving focus areas as I did from theme to design.

I was given the opportunity to join Automattic and it seemed a fitting change of pace, a chance to focus on the project, community I had grown to care so deeply about. I remain working there to this day and now contribute full time within my role.

Discover what I worked on, contributed, read, created and written.