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  • This year has been an incredible ride for me. It looks like it’s not done with the adventure because I am pleased to announce […]
  • I was listening to the Post Status podcast this week where Cory Miller and David Bisset discussed creating time for play within work. I […]
  • Sketching state is where everyone in product creation is collaborating enough and sharing enough that sketches work. All too often, spending lengthy time coming […]
  • So you want to open source your project for others to contribute? That’s great, but where do you start? With a few things to […]
  • When design is mentioned in open source, it’s often as a scarce resource, one yearned for or maybe hasn’t had an easy time. I […]
  • Words matter; we put labels on things, we put labels on each other. Those labels lead to judgements. The ways we judge what capability […]

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  • Today I am launching an experimental site for a month and I will see where it goes beyond that. I am going to be […]
  • It’s almost adorable the way we accept in most of our theme processes in WordPress the lack of standardisation. However, it has to stop […]
  • Yesterday I was lucky enough to give a talk at the WordPress Cheltenham Meetup. The topic was something close to my heart, I got […]
  • I don’t know about you, but I find so many good resources around themes lately that I feel I am constantly juggling links and […]
  • Being able to control elements of your theme through the theme.json is super powerful; however, you can also turn on and off what is […]
  • I want all the design tools now. There I said it! I want everything today on all the blocks right now. However, I know […]

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