• Let’s create the future together

    Are you seeking help understanding how to position your product and grow in the changing landscape of WordPress? Are you looking to take advantage of Gutenberg and unsure how?

    You may want to create your product roadmap but are unsure how that will fit with core plans or even how you can fully unlock the advantages beyond WordPress. Are you seeking advice from someone who understands the now, looks to the future and can help you build on the technology within WordPress to optimise for that?

    I can help you with years of experience in the WordPress community, and I have worked across many of the critical projects in recent times that have shaped today and continue to impact the future of WordPress. I have worked not just within WordPress, so I bring insights from the broader market, and now I am bringing those to help grow the product space I am passionate about.

    Just a few of the things I can do to help you include:

    • Taking full advantage of Gutenberg: in all the phases today and to come.
    • Roadmaps and advice: plan for the upcoming changes within the project and the broader market.
    • Systems and automation: take advantage of Gutenberg components, extend them, unlock styling, design systems and automation to speed up your workflow.
    • Gutenberg training and knowledge: from workshops to courses, we can work out what you need to empower and learn without stopping shipping.
    • … many more ways; let’s talk!


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