Currently working on

Product designer @ Automattic

Automattic is a fully remote company, this role sees me donated full time to the project.


The majority of my work is on the new editing experience, Gutenberg. Along with this, I am a core committer, contributor and design team rep for WordPress.

Previously working on

Automattic – design producer focusing on

I held the role of design producer which supported those working within the space.

WordPress / Gutenberg – Design lead

During the first phase of the new editing experience, I was the design lead. This saw me work across multiple teams for over a year and be one of the release team for WordPress 5.0.

WordPress / Theme – Theme wrangler

In this role, I released numerous themes to and also to the open-source directory. I also worked on the base theme _s. I also worked on creating a prototype of a theme system.

Towards the end of this role, I was focusing specifically to improve the experience of themes within both and

Founder – Logical Binary

I ran my own company for over a decade focusing on building and creating communities. This was incredibly rewarding and not only saw a wide range of projects but also saw me working across many disciplines. I focused specifically on enabling open source communities, using open platforms to empower.

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